Nantong Leisheng Special Motors focuses on research, design and manufacturing of innovative drive systems that includes motor, controller, battery packs etc.. All these parts meet the latest norms and regulations of the industry.

      Nantong Leisheng Special Motors covers an area of 35.000 square meters, it has the advanced motor production line and modern electronics workshop, a full range of precision gear manufacturing, heat treatment, paint shop and testing equipment. Nantong Leisheng Special Motors implements a first-class quality control system and has passed ISO-9001 latest quality system certification.

      In close cooperation we offer customer-oriented solutions with short lead time. Our customers can order our standard products, customized products or in a joint development project developed products. Important inventions are patented to strengthen our position and the position of our customers.

      Our customers are working in the two-, three- and four- wheel bike and automotive industry. Please contact us to explore how we can boost your company with our electric motor / drive train solutions in the range of 250W till 15kW.